Why Companies Should Arrange for Corporate Group Activities

There is a famous saying by Henry Ford that says, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success”. The power of teamwork is being realized by many corporate companies around the world, and that is why these companies are getting inclined towards arranging corporate group activities to encourage teamwork and team building.

Advantages are Too Many

There are many advantages of corporate team building that are being targeted by the companies by means of corporate group activities. These activities are conducted on-site or mostly at off-site  locations. The major advantage of these team building activities is that these help in improving the communication within the team. There are large companies, which have many teams working on the same project, but there is hardly any communication between them. Better communication within teams would mean better collaboration and sharing of best practices and resources, which will impact corporate growth and profits.

Another advantage of conducting the corporate group activities is that these activities help in increasing employee morale to a great extent. It is a known fact that employees with high morale are more productive and beneficial to the company. Participating in the various group activities helps the employees to know their colleagues better, which increases their morale at work.

There are many activities that are conducted as a part of the group activities which involve problem-solving. These kinds of activities help the employees test their problem-solving skills and improve on them. Problems are a part and parcel of any office work, and hence, these activities help to a great extent in making the employee more successful in handling problems and crisis situations.

Last but not the least, these activities help break the monotony of daily office life and reenergize the employee to take on new challenges at the workplace, which in turn is beneficial for the company at the end of the day.

Different Types of Group Activities are There

There are many types of group activities that are conducted with corporate teams. While some activities involve wine and dine out sessions, some are filled with adventures in off-site  locations where all employees can mingle around with each other, irrespective of designations and levels.

There are basically four types of group activities that are conducted for corporate companies. Personality based activities help employees to discover new traits about their personalities as they discover the unseen side of their colleagues as well. Activity based group tasks involve activities like trekking, rock climbing or similar stuff. These are targeted to foster teamwork among the members of the team. Skill based and problem-solving based activities are also conducted, which help in identification of the right skills of an employee.

The Usual Flow of Activities

Usually, any group activity session begins with icebreakers that help employees break out from their shells and start interacting with the group normally. Usually, there is a person who heads the activities and acts as the instructor to the group. Once the employees have come out of their initial jitteriness, the instructor helps them unwind through various activities, some of which involve mental strength, and some requiring physical power. Through the various group activities, the team gets motivated, trained and equipped to handle new challenges at their workplace.