The medical bracelet: designed to save a precious life

It was on May 15th that Nancy David was returning from a late-night  party. While she was driving back home, she experienced nausea, and she judiciously stopped driving. Within minutes, Nancy David was lying on the steering wheel of the car, unconscious. The Sheriff called for the ambulance, and the para-medico noticed a bracelet on her right hand. This medic alarm bracelet contained her name, emergency contact number and also the details of her allergic reactions to food and medicine.

The innovative bracelet:

 That saved the day for Nancy and the doctors at the hospital immediately contacted the emergency number mentioned on the bracelet. After ascertaining the medical history, the doctors were able to provide immediate medical attention and now Nancy is back to her work. Thanks to the innovative medic alarm bracelet that saved a precious life. You might have come across several such instances wherein people suddenly fall ill, and the precious time is lost in diagnosing the cause of illness. In the bargain, the patient would be put to inconvenience and in many cases, the delay in diagnosis of the illness may prove to be fatal.

Mimics the Jewelry:

The medic alarm bracelet mimics the jewelry that you wear as a necklace or a bracelet. The alarm bracelet contains your name, the distinct medical condition and the contact numbers of the emergency service where further details of your medical condition can be obtained. The bracelet is normally made of either stainless steel or silver.

Registered members:

The bracelets are issued to its members by the medical alert foundations or organizations. The organization will have data bank of the health conditions of all its registered members. The details of the health condition of the members are updated at regular intervals. Each member is given a unique ID number and the number is embossed on the medical alarm bracelet. During emergency, the doctors can call the medical alert foundation to ascertain the medical history of the patient including his or her allergic reactions and such other relevant details. In fact, the data bank of the patient even contains the details of the line of treatment that is most apt for the patient in question. However, the line of treatment contained in the data bank is only a suggestion, and the actual line of treatment should be decided by the doctor taking the present health condition of the patient.

Periodical medical tests:

The members are normally required to undergo medical tests at the identified medical centers. This will enable the medical alert foundation to update the health condition of the member. The details of the medical history would be available 24/7/365. Wherever necessary, the details are updated on the medical alarm bracelet of the concerned member.

Registered organizations:

You find medical alarm bracelet in Robin Hill is exclusively designed so as to attract the attention of the medical staff attending to the patient.  These medical alert foundations are registered with the appropriate government agencies. Wherever necessary, the medical alert foundation even notifies the medical history of the patient on its website. This would help the doctor currently treating the patient to provide the best possible medical assistance.

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