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Health Benefits Of A Nice Massage

Since the 1990’s and 2000’s, the spa industry has recorded tremendous growth and this to a great extent has been fueled by economic recovery as people are investing again in the industry and spending again on pleasure and luxury. As massages are the most sought after services in the spa, many institutions that offer massage courses in Brisbane and other places in the world have been on the rise. Many people seek massages for their pampering effects and known stress relieving effects. However, very few are aware of their health benefits. Below are some of the health benefits of massages.

Ease lower back pain

Sitting jobs lead to lower back aches, which can be extremely unhealthy and uncomfortable, especially when done day to day. Massages are beneficial here as they not only help you stay in your sitting job but also ensure your comfort and health.

Boost immunity

Journal of alternative and complementary medicine published a study in 2010 that mentioned massages as a good booster in the flow of white blood cells, which primarily are the body’s natural defense system. These, therefore, help in strengthening the body’s natural immunity. As such they are recommended for patients battling with HIV.

Stress reliever

Stress is known to be a trigger of many illnesses, including high blood pressure. Massages help in reducing stress thereby leading to reduced risk of getting these ailments. They do this by decreasing the levels of anxiety, reducing fatigue in muscles and generally the whole body, enhancing the quality of sleep and increasing blood circulation in the body tissues and organs. With these people are able to get over stress and anxiety. People report to have gained a sense of clarity and perspective when worried after a good massage.

Muscle pain easer

Massages help in stretching and exercising muscles that are weak and tight giving them strength again. Muscles that have been injured overused or are generally just tired also gain their functionality after a good massage. Furthermore, flexibility of muscles increases with massages. For these reasons, they are most sought after by athletes as they use their muscles most constantly.


Massages help reduce stiffness and pain in patients suffering from arthritis. In children, they increase air flow for kids suffering from asthma and help infants struggling with weight gain to gainweight. Women who experience cramping during menstruation periods report that with massages they feel reduced pain. Injuries-related  pain and anxiety also tremendously reduce with good massages. Migraines and headaches also reduce with massages.

This is why Massage courses in Brisbane have been in demand as many people want to work in hospitals to help provide these services that are on demand.

Massages come almost naturally to people; e.g. when parents do massages to their children, they do not really attend any class. However, there are massage courses in Brisbane that deal with professional massaging. These are good for anyone who wants to work in a spa or work in a hospital as massages have become an important part of the healthcare system as they are used to treat post-surgery patients or pain patients.