Getting Your Hard Work Noticed: Recognition of Prior Learning

There are currently roughly 6 million immigrants in Australia today (both registered and unregistered). This huge amount of people represents around 27 percent of the whole Australian population (currently at 23.13 million). The Australian bureau of statistics suggests that in 50 years’ time, one third of the whole Australian population will be coming from overseas. As these numbers are suggesting, it signifies that Australia is one of the hotbeds for overseas work. However, in order for you to get your dream Australian job, you need to have the right qualifications and credentials for it. One of the most important credentials is your education. However, not all educational institutions are recognized by the Australian government or not everyone has the educational attainment required but has the job experience for the position. This is where recognition of prior learning QLD has comes in.

What is recognition of prior learning?

The recognition of prior learning QLD has along with the other types from other areas in Australia is not an alternative way of getting credentials. It is a way for your previous job experiences and trainings to be legitimate. For example, you are a Filipino immigrant who wants to be a bar manager in Queensland. However, all your past experiences and trainings might not be recognized by the labor department or the employer itself. By getting the recognition of prior learning Queensland has also allows a person who has no formal training but has extensive experience to be a legitimate candidate for the job.

Why should I get it?

Getting it has a lot of advantages. As stated above, a person with no proper training for a certain field such as management and the likes but has the ample amount of experience can be a good candidate for Diploma of Strategic Leadership. This can be attained by getting it. Here are the other benefits that you can get from getting RPL (is recognition of prior learning).

·         Compared to studying, RPL takes shorter time (way shorter).

·         It is a lot cheaper because you only pay one fee (for the assessment) and not for multiple ones.

·         By getting RPL you are getting credit for all the job experience that you have. With that being said, you are being rewarded for your years of hard work.

·         In case the job position that you are applying for requires a Gap Training certificate, your work experience or nature of business can substitute the need for such credential.

·         RPL can be customized to fit your needs. This means that you get to choose how you get assessed and the pace of the assessment.

Things to remember

If you have the skills and the experience for the job but lack the qualification, getting the recognition of prior learning QLD has now is the right path for you. However, remember that the firm that will help you can affect your success to employment. Another thing to remember is to secure all required documents prior to getting RPL because that might derail the pace of the assessment. And lastly, know yourself and be confident!  https://www.asset.edu.au/recognition-of-prior-learning-brisbane-qld/